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Ladle Slide Gates:
Ladle Slide Gates Available in model 3150, 4200, 6300, & 8450 series slide gates. A gate system used is various size ladles consisting of a collector nozzle (standard tip or conical) and a top plate. The top plate is mounted on the ladle itself and the collector nozzle is set into a gate mechanism for cutting off and starting the flow of molten steel.

T120 Bottom Plates:
T120 Bottom Plates Zirconia inserted plate used on the T120 gate system. Plates come in a number of bore sizes depending on application and utilize "change on the fly" technology. Where lancing maybe required on other gates systems when a problem occurs, the T120 system can just throttle in a new plate in its place thus saving time and money. For improved safety, remote shut off of a cast is achieved with the use of a blank plate that is throttled into place.

Upper Nozzles:
Available is various lengths and bore sizes for 3150, 4200, 6300, & 8540 series ladle slide gate systems. This nozzle is inserted into the bottom of the ladle and serves as a receiving part to the slide gate top plate.

Tundish Plates:
Zirconia inserted in the stroke area for wear reduction. These plates are used to control the flow of steel coming out of the tundish during continuous casting.

11T Throttling Plates:
Plates used on the 11T gate system, Zirconia inserted in the stroke area for superior wear reduction. Also utilizes "Change on the Fly" technology.

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