Servsteel Inc. - Reliable Steel Gates For A Demanding Industry

Servsteel is a premier supplier of molten steel flow control devices to some of the world's largest steel makers. Specializing in the repair of ladle and tundish gates and valves, we provide our customers with the best products, cost-efficiency and quick turn-around times. In three words - Quality. Value. Service. A business philosophy we call QVS.

Our dedication to this business philosophy has allowed us to establish a unique position in the steel pouring market. Rather than completely replacing slide and rotary parts, our focus is on repair of these parts. Strict attention to Statistical Process Control and tight tolerances enable our expert service teams to produce a range of top-quality products, including:

  • Ladle slide gates
  • Tundish slide gates
  • Upper nozzles

  • In addition to our focus on our products, we have updated our accounting software, including a complete ERP/MRP system from Moore Business Systems to further help us assure the quality our customers need and control our costs.  This will aid us in providing quality products and service for the years to come.

    A winning combination of people, equipment and experience translates into a smart alternative for receiving quality products and expert service. Make the right choice for your needs - choose Servsteel!

    Client List
    Mittal Indiana Harbor West
    US Steel
    Mittal Inland
    Allegheny Ludlum

    214 Westbridge Drive
    Morgan, PA 15064
    United States
    Tel: 888.SERVSTEEL (888.737.8783)
    Fax: 412.221.2810